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Dental care can cause anxiety for some patients with deep fear of the dentist that prevents them from receiving necessary treatment. At our Durant practice, Westside Family Dentistry, we provide sedation options so patients can feel at ease and comfortable in the dental chair. 


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Why Choose Sedation Dentistry? 

Although many patients choose sedation dentistry to allow them to stay calm and relaxed during treatment, there are other reasons for using sedation during treatment. For patients who may have a low pain tolerance and find it difficult to be numbed with local anesthetics, adding sedation to their appointment allow them to comfortably receive the care they need.

Our dentists and their team at our Durant dental practice work with patients to quell their fears and anxiety, explaining treatments thoroughly, answering any questions, and providing sedation dentistry when needed.

Types of Sedation

From the moment you arrive and throughout your appointment, we do the most to ensure your comfort. Our sedation options effectively combat negative feelings, anxieties, and fears, allowing you to receive dental treatments that are necessary for your continued oral health.

At Westside Family Dentistry we provide the following forms of sedation dentistry:

Nitrous Oxide – Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is administered through a mask before treatment begins. With this inhaled sedative, patients feel a general sense of ease and calm but are conscious during treatment. This method of treatment is effective at managing feelings of discomfort and anxiety and allows patients to receive the care they need. Once treatment is complete and the sedation has worn off, patients are able to take themselves home, unlike some other sedation options.

IV Sedation – These sedatives are provided intravenously and can create a type of twilight sleep. Patients feel no pain and have reduced anxiety. Patients using this type of sedation have expressed no memory of having received treatment at all, but are still able to follow commands during the appointment. It’s important to note that, with this type of sedation, you must be brought to and during their visit.

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Whether patients are receiving multiple treatments in one day experience general fear of the dentist, Dr. Beaver provides sedation options to ensure your comfort and ease. For more information about sedation dentistry options in Durant, contact West Side Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment.